The Hiring Problem

Managers in many organizations have the same basic issue….they have not been satisfied by the results of their recent job hiring process. They made a “Horrible Hire” and they do not want to repeat this mistake.

Every company has made bad hires….it has cost that company significant money to undo the mistake…their current hiring process is broken….and they need a new solution before they hire again.

Now there is a new tool that provides a rock solid methodology based on 40 years of consistent results that will deliver the right people with the right skills.

Horrible Hire in a Nutshell

  • Introducing the People Value Index (PVI)™ A unique hiring screen that will make the right candidate crystal clear.
  • There is no other assessment for hiring like the PVI™ which provides insights into each candidate’s values and bias .
  • Other assessments are subjective questionnaires that categorize by personality styles and types.
  • The PVI™ is better because it measures value talent and the ability to organize thinking and emotions to make decisions.
  • How does this help you? As a hiring manager the PVI™ measures 4 key areas of competency for each candidate-
    • works with others
    • gets things done
    • knows what to do
    • job related attitudes
  • The candidate takes the PVI™ and within minutes the manager receives the candidate’s analysis complete with core strengthens, development areas and an interview guide. You will be prepared to make better, smarter hiring decisions than ever before.

  Good people are found, not changed. They can change themselves, but you can’t change them. You want good people, you have to find them. If you want motivated people, you have to find them, not motivate them.” – Jim Rohn

Benefits of

1. Assess the right things with the right process
2. Stop the emotional influence and gut feelings – use unbiased hiring criteria
3. Know the real person and their bias before you hire
4. Avoid wasted time, money and organizational stress from making a Horrible Hire