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Our Story

If you are reading this site then we all share something in common…. We have all dealt with the pain, frustration and disappointment from a bad hiring process. You may have too much bureaucracy which has created a tightly controlled, artificial situation. Or you have no real hiring process and you are making decisions based on personal feelings and gut instincts.

You know the status quo is unacceptable and you are ready for a change. You need an unbiased tool that will help you clarify your thinking about candidates and provide validation before you make your final decision.

We feel your pain. We have worked in large and small organizations that have made some bad hiring decisions too. Our group was looking for new tools and new solutions. We had tried other assessment tools that were interesting but not useful to really understand the deeper qualities of each candidate.

We were fortunate to find an academic group that has been using Axiometrics for the last 40 years. They have refined and proven their methodology which is now being offered through the End the Horrible Hire website on a broader scale than ever before. Now you can access this powerful tool through a simple, short process to find each person’s PVI score.

Our group has made the tool accessible to all and we offer additional insights on individuals and on organizations through our Benchmarking process to understand team behaviors. We welcome your comments and feedback as you use the PVI tool because we are always learning and growing like you are.

Our Team

John Waid

John earned a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Furman University and an MBA from the top ranked University of South Carolina International Business program. John speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese and has worked in positions from Sales Representative to General Manager at IBM, Frito-Lay and Nestle. John is an expert in world class business practices. He has conducted over 500 workshops worldwide. John talks extensively about the need for companies to hire the right people. As described in the book Good to Great “People are not your greatest asset, the right people are” John encourages leaders to “End the Horrible Hire”.

Larry Gillespie

Larry has an extensive background in customer sales and management. For over 30 years Larry was a sales, marketing and operations executive with The Coca-Cola Company managing several of the largest and most strategic accounts for Coke in the US and internationally. His focus was on building mutual value and sustained growth with some of the major customers in the retail and food service industries. Larry is currently working as a consultant on new business development with several emerging enterprises.