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  • You will receive a user id and a password that is good for 24 hours (when the offer automatically expires)
  • Take the PVI &#153 assessment. It is easy to complete in 20 minutes, but there is no time limit
  • You will receive your individual PVI &#153 report that is self explanatory. Analyze, explore, and probe the results to see if it captures your essence.
  • If you are convinced it is valuable to identify talent and predict future performance, then use it as a hiring tool.

I tried to apply but they used the PVI &#153.

Pre-Employment Assessment | End The Horrible Hire

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Horrible Hire offers a one-time introductory offer to every employer who could be a potential customer.

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Before you hire – follow the 3 step process.

  • Go to Purchase Now and complete the short online form, entering the name and email addresses of your top 3 candidates
  • The PVI &#153 assessment will be emailed to the candidates from the PVI website (NOT from the End The Horrible Hire website)
  • The specific PVI &#153 reports requested will be emailed directly to you, allowing you to end the Horrible Hire.

To try this process for yourself we have a special offer for every potential employer to take the PVI &#153 assessment themselves. If it works for you it will work on your candidates.