Employers can learn 2 critical things BEFORE they hire:

→ Deep insights into an individual or applicant’s core competencies, talents and developmental needs
→ A solid prediction of the applicant’s future performance

I tried to apply but they used the PVI&#153.

The Process is The Problem

The typical hiring process is incomplete and artificial. Consider the normal interaction:

  • POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES often mask or change their personality and behaviors in an interview.
  • EMPLOYERS often let emotions, bias, chemistry and stereotypes influence the decision-making process. Some employers do not have a formal process and rely on intuition alone.
  • HORRIBLE HIRES are “good” applicants that become weak performers

The New Solution…

There is a better way! It is available now and many employers are using this tool successfully today.

The PVI &#153 analysis reveals:

  • Strengths – that belong to them
  • Natural Skills – that their mind uses everyday to make decisions
  • Talent – that defines their uniqueness
  • Bias – that focuses their thinking
  • Areas of Development – that can improve their ability to think and make decisions
  • Improve their Performance – what can they do to consistently improve

What the PVI&#153 is NOT

  • The PVI&#153 is NOT a behavior or personality test
  • The PVI&#153 is NOT subject to speculation
  • The PVI&#153 is NOT age, sex, race, or ethnically biased

Most assessment tools measure personality and behavior. While this may be of some value to you as an employer, measuring the decision making process gives greater, long term accuracy, consistency, and predictability of candidates.

Simple To Use

Completing the PVI&#153 Tool could not be easier.

  • An employer signs up
  • The candidate takes the assessment
  • The employer receives the results
  • The employer makes the most informed hiring decision

It is convenient, taken on-line, and can be completed in 20 minutes.

To view a sample of a PVI&#153 assessment click here